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General ideas about painting:

Upon arranging for an estimate, I will be happy to meet with you on-site to discuss your painting project in calgary. I then provide you with a written estimate detailing the areas to be painted, the preparation process and the types of paint and number of coats to be applied. As part of each and every estimate, I am pleased to provide you with an extensive list of references, our WCB, liability insurance and city licensing information. If at that point, you choose to move forward with your painting project, we will be happy to deliver a color-deck to you so that you can explore all of your color options without having to drive from one store to another. I will be happy to assist you in the color selection process, and bring a sample of your chosen color and apply it to the surface being painted.



  • Move furniture to center of room and cover it will fresh plastic
  • Drop Cloths are used to cover all floors
  • Repair all damaged drywall, fill all unwanted holes
  • Sand all filled areas
  • Prime all filled areas and new drywall
  • Paint all trim if applicable
  • Paint all walls (typically two coats of Eggshell Acrylic for most color changes)
  • Clean up tools, supplies and unused paint
  • Vacuum affected areas (if a vacuum is provided)



  • Power-Wash all areas to be painted (siding, decks and fences)
  • Scrape all remaining loose and peeling paint to a solid base
  • Spot prime all bare wood areas
  • Stain seal where necessary (rusting metal or water stains)
  • Caulk all cracks in siding, window sills etc.
  • Stain or Paint all areas agreed to
  • Remove all ladders, equipment, empty paint cans from site
  • Clean up work area

So now it's time to take your home painting to an other level.


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