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Painting your home is an amazing method to revitalize your house. But, since you might not have the needed equipment or time to do the work, hiring a home painting contractor is the best option. Looking for a Calgary home painter contractor is not any an easy task. You can find some online or through recommendations. Searching for some online will produce a list of contractors to choose from. But how well do you know the contractors? The best way is to take time in the process since they are many painting contractors and all of them want to paint your home.

But how do you know the best paint contractor, someone you can trust, who will do a great job, and someone who will not over charge. If you are not sure how to choose the best home painting contractor in Calgary, here are a few tips.

1. Do a search

Since there are so many calgary painting contractor, it is important to do a search. Do a search for painting companies that are licensed in Calgary. This will give you several companies with which to start looking at who to hire. The best way is do the research online. Most of the best painting contractors have websites. This means you get all the required information online.

2. Choose a professional, licensed painting contractor

It is very important to choose a professional, licensed Calgary painting contractor. The main advantage of hiring a licensed professional is that the person will be insured and bonded. In addition, a professional contractor will guarantee you that the job will be completed to your satisfaction.

They will also have insurance that covers them in case they are injured while working at your home. If you hire a contractor who is not licensed, he can take your money without finishing the project. There is also a possibility that the painter could be injured and hold you responsible for medical costs because he was not insured. It is therefore worth to hire a licensed painting contractor even if the cost is a bit higher. It will give you the security that comes along with licensing, bonding and insurance.

3. Check experience

4. Get a written contract and estimates

Once you have received several quotes and ready to pick a contractor, let the contractors show you the contract. Before signing it, make sure you have asked any required questions. At this point, you should begin to trust the contractors. If he or she is not answering any of your questions, do not sign the contract. You should sign the contract when everything is clear.

The contract should also be well written and organized. It is a sign of how organized the contract is. Well organized contractors are uncomfortable with disorder and normally will work to maintain well organized projects.

The painting contract you hire should visit your house in person to measure and examine all the areas to be painted. Here, you should clarify your expectations for the project. Discuss with the contractor on items such as:

*Areas to be painted such like walls and ceiling, and if you want your house to be painted inside and outside.

*The brand and color of paint to be used

*The number of coats of paints to be used

*How you want the surfaces to be prepared such as bleaching, sanding or power washing

*Date of completion

*Total cost

*Payment schedule

*Clean up after the job is complete

Make sure that all these details have been outlined in writing in the estimate and the contract before signing.

5. Read reviews or ask for recommendations

Getting the name of a painting contractor is not enough. You need to go through reviews and check out what other clients are saying about their services, their professionalism, and their timelines. Look if they meet their deadlines and if they go over the budget. You also need to check whether they have all the required licenses, and if they are bonded? Were there project delays? All these questions should be answered.

You can go through reviews online. They are normally from people who have used their services before and they have rated the services. Reviews will be able to answer most of your questions. Another good place to check with is painting Calgary department of licensing and bonding. Here they will be able to tell you if the company has license to operate in Calgary.

Another way to get a trusted painting contractor is to get a positive referral from a trusted friend or relative. You can even ask the contractor to give you a reference from a job that was similar to yours. When you contact the reference, ask them how the project was done in addition to the neatness and the quality of the job.

Compare and select

After all the checks, it is time to compare the estimates, contacts and reviews. Do not just choose the cheapest. The cheapest contractor may not be the best to give the job. Check their labor costs, and their rates. Always put quality first. Putting an extra effort when comparing contractors will save you a lot. You will have a better looking house with a paint project that will last for a long time.

Choosing the best home painting contractor in Calgary requires a little investigation. By doing a good search, reading client reviews, checking on bonding and licensing, and comparing estimates of various contractors, you will definitely get a the best contractor. You will also be assured that your painting project will be done right. For excellent results, choose painting contractors with the most experience and have done successful projects for many years like Great Western Painting.


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